Rural Development in Colombia

Gini de Tierras

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I created a series of maps as part of a broader report for an American think tank on the state of rural development in Colombia, two of which are highlighted here. The map above of the Gini rural land index highlights the high concentration of cultivable land in the hands of few landowners throughout much of the country. The map shows general patterns of land distribution, with certain regions of the country standing out for their disparities, including in the eastern plains (known as the llanos) and the Andes mountains. You can see an interactive version of this map on the CEELAT Mapping Lab blog, designed and written by my assistant.

The map below shows the locations of legal mining titles and areas granted legal access to extract petroleum and natural gas superimposed on a general map of the internal conflict in Colombia. Illegal armed groups regularly attack the extractive sites of large companies and have also been known to extort them to fund their operations. Unfortunately, detailed geographic data about the internal conflict is not available to the public, and therefore it is difficult to perform accurate geographic analysis.

Conflict and the extractive industries in Colombia