Corporate Social Responsibility

SE Responsable

SE Responsable is a project by the Centro de Estudios Estratégicos Latinoamericanos (CEELAT) to help in the coordination and implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects by the extractive sector in Colombia. As part of the online platform, I created an interactive map to show three factors: (1) a series of social, economic, environmental, and other indicators on the municipal level, (2) the locations of mining titles as well as areas of exploration and extraction of petroleum and natural gas, and (3) the locations of CSR projects.

The series of indicators on the local level help companies make informed decisions regarding their CSR programs. Perhaps the CSR director of a company wants to implement a literacy program in a particular municipality, but after looking at the map, she realizes that in that particular municipality there is an already low illiteracy rate. Maybe in that same municipality there is a high infant mortality rate, so the company instead decides to focus instead on health programs for parents and young children. The user can toggle between different indicators, and hovering over each municipality shows its exact information.

Since the platform is targeted towards the extractive industries, the user can also select to see the locations of government-issued mining titles and areas of exploration and extraction of oil and gas. Circles with a number in the middle on the map represent the number of CSR projects located in that municipality. By clicking on the circle or selecting the name of the municipality above the map, the user can learn more about the projects in that location.

Note: Unfortunately, the platform has not yet been released to the public, so you can’t see its full scope.